Sunday, July 3, 2011

It's My Birthday!

     I love presents!  I love presents!  I love presents!  I just got back from my parents' house where we all together for a cookout (and presents!)  There's nothing quite like a 4th of July burger hot off the grill!  Well,  I got a lot of great gifts and had a very nice day with my family.  Of course, every year on July 3rd we have to revisit the classic "fireworks" story from my childhood.  Until I was WAY to old to believe it, I used to think that the town fireworks, which were always held on the 3rd, were in honor of my birthday.  I actually thought that the whole town walked down to the beach just to celebrate the joy of my birth.  Now, keep in mind that my twin sister (BTW, Happy Birthday, Dan!) never suffered from these delusions of grandeur - just me!  To this day, I still love me some fireworks!  Almost as much as presents.  Almost.

     So in honor of my birthday and my love of presents (because I like to give 'em as much as I love to get 'em,) I'm going to celebrate with a week of freebies.  Check back each day to see what's new! 

     Today's freebie is a birthday themed emergent reader.  It's so hard to find simple, engaging emergent readers for students reading at an A/B level so I've started to make my own.  There are two versions: a full color, full text version to use for guided reading and a black line version with a word on each page missing for the students to fill in and color.  Click below the picture to download.  I hope you enjoy!


  1. Happy Birthday!! Thank you for sharing your work--the book looks perfect!


  2. Love this! Thanks for sharing and Happy Birthday! :)

  3. Happy Birthday! Thanks for sharing this resource. :)

    ✰ Mrs. Kincaid
    Mrs. Kincaid’s First Grade

  4. Thanks so much for sharing...Happy Birthday!


  5. Just found your blog from 1st Grade With Miss Snowden!
    My birthday is July 3rd also! Happy birthday girl!

  6. You've been so wonderful to share you birthday freebies! Is this one still available to download? It says I don't have permission. It is too cute to miss out on!
    Spotlight on Kindergarten

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  8. Thank you for this book! It's adorable! What program do you use to make your emerging readers?


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