Saturday, October 1, 2011

For Sally and From Sally

For Sally . . .
     Many of you know that I have a sweet beagle named Sally who is just the BEST thing ever!  I adopted her about 4 years ago from an amazing rescue organization, Help Orphan Puppies.  (Who can resist Orphan Puppies?)  One of the best things about HOP is that they accept ALL puppies into the program, regardless of medical need, injury or special need. (To think that some rescues would not have accepted Sally because she is blind and considered "unadoptable" just breaks my heart!)  As you can imagine, this leads to some pretty big vet bills!  I just spent the day at a fundraising picnic with a bunch of HOP adopters and their furry friends.  It was great to see so many happy dogs and their "Forever Families" and raise some money for the organization that helps so many dogs (and their people) find the loves of their lives.  In honor of Sally, I am putting everything in my TPT store on sale from Sunday - Tuesday and donating all of the proceeds to HOP.  If you are a dog lover who would like to help, check out my store tomorrow!  You can also make a donation directly to HOP by clicking on the link above.

From Sally . . .
     As a shout out to all of you dog lovers (especially those of you who have adopted from a rescue) this freebie is from Sally.  I know I "humanize" her way too often (do you talk to your dogs and wait for an answer too or is it just me?) but I would like to think that she wants to say thanks for spreading love to the puppies in your lives.  It's an emergent reader called My Dog, and it includes a large, full color version for shared reading and a small, black and white version for independent reading.  Enjoy!
Thanks in advance to anyone who contributes to HOP by shopping at my TPT store over the next 3 days. If you make a purchase, please leave me a comment below so Sally and I can send you a "thank you." I'll post an update later in the week to let you know how much money we've raised.  

Have a great night!