Monday, May 7, 2012

Room for Another Freebie?

After yesterday's Jackpot and blog hop are you going cross-eyed too? I spent hours downloading the most awesome freebies!  Everyone was so generous, I definitely feel appreciated, how about you?  Well, if you have room on your hard drives, here's another quick freebie that your kids might enjoy.  My kindergartners love to solve secret codes, so I made one for us to do this week in honor of Mother's Day.  Following the key, they have to find the matching flowers and write the letters to spell out the secret message.  It's great not only for emerging reading and writing skills, but it also strengthens visual discrimination. Click below the picture for a copy.  OK... I am now walking away from my computer to give my hard drive and my tired eyes a bit of rest to recover from yesterday.  Have a great night!


  1. Oh fun! What a great freebie. Secret messages are always a hit! Happy Teacher Appreciation Week.


    Sprinkle Teaching Magic

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