Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Bunch of Bradys and A Pair of Freebies

     OK . . . so this post is going to totally date me and I hope that at least some of you will understand the following Brady Bunch reference.
     My district is adopting a new Math curriculum to try to be more aligned with the Common Core.  We're switching from Everyday Math to Math in Focus.  Changing to a new curriculum can be a challenge for sure, but in the words of the Brady Bunch (a.k.a The Silver Platters), "When it's time to change you've got to rearrange."

     So, following the wise words of the Greg, Marcia, Peter, Jan, Bobby and Cindy, I've spent a good bit of time this summer getting ready for the change by doing a lot of reading and planning how to rearrange my Math Stations to fit the new scope and sequence.  I'm still going to have 6 stations, one for each CCSS domain (The Counting Station, The Operation Station, The Tricky Teens Stations, The Data Station and The Geometry Station) and the favorite, The iPad Station. (You can grab my station labels by clicking on the picture.)

CCSS Math Station Labels from Peace, Love & Learning

     The big "changing and rearranging" is trying to figure out which games and activities should go into which stations and when they should be introduced.  Everyday Math was a spiraling program so the objectives were kind of all over the place from day to day.  Now, we'll have units focusing on connected objectives and I think it will be A LOT easier for the kids.  I've been trying to align it all and it's slowly coming together. I would love to hear thoughts from anyone who uses Math in Focus - leave a comment if you have any advice!
     One new activity I made was a set of basic Play-Doh mats that I can use in the Counting station and the Tricky Teens Station.  In honor of embracing change, Math in Focus and the Brady Bunch, you can grab the set as a freebie by clicking on the picture.  "Sha-na-na-na-na-na-na-na . . ."

PlayDoh Number Mats Freebie from Peace,Love and Learning

Have a great night!


  1. I'm not going to lie! That is one of my favorite songs and I just listened to the whole thing...twice! Good luck with your new program!
    Teaching With Love and Laughter

    1. I'm so glad someone else fessed up to singing along! I play "Sunshine Day" for my kids all the time and they love it! Thanks for the good luck wishes!

  2. Hi! We are also changing from EDM to "My Math" to align w/ the CC..Good luck with your new math and thanks for sharing these great items!They are super cute and much appreciated! Amy :)

  3. Thanks for the laughs! Brings back many memories of one of my favorite shows as a kid. I even got to see them in concert at the Minnesota State Fair! Thanks again for sharing your wonderful ideas.

  4. Thanks for sharing, I love the playdough mats.

  5. I love this idea, is there a way you can make them to higher numbers with the ten frames!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing the icons and play-doh mats. They will be great additions to my math centers!

  7. found you through Pinterest (what else??) Love the iCons (tee hee) and the playdough mats. We changed, too...but not all change is bad. Thanks for the freebies and insights!

  8. How do you have your math time set up? How much time do you devote to whole group instruction and centers? When and how do you build in time for intervention for those kiddos that need it?

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