Saturday, June 23, 2012

So I Cried...

It was the last day of school yesterday and
I told myself that this year, I won't cry.
As attached as I am to my energetic little gang,
I thought I was ready for them to move on.

Then, right before dismissal
We were gathered, for one last time, in our meeting area
Backpacks on, ready to go.
I thought, "I'm really going to make it - no tears for me."

Then came a surprise from the music teacher -
Our school song began playing over the loud speaker.
I was caught off guard - I wasn't prepared!

From my kids, looking up at me
Came this sea of little voices
Sweet, sweet kindergarten voices

Voices that I have spent 181 days with
Voices that I have laughed and cried with
Voices that have called my name 872 times
Voices that have said "I love you"
So I cried. . .

I cried because
These voices won't bounce around my classroom anymore
These voices will soon call somebody else's name
These voices will learn and laugh without me
These voices will now only speak of kindergarten as a memory
So I cried. . .

I cried with the hope
That these voices will hold their sweetness
That these voices will keep laughing as they learn
That these voices will stay strong against the world
That these voices will always have someone to tell "I love you"
So I cried. . .

Then the song ended
Someone said "Cha cha cha"
And we all laughed. . .


  1. Awww! This made me cry! It describes exactly how I felt about my class this year! I will truly miss them. Thanks for sharing! So glad I found your blog!

  2. I made it all the way until we lined up to go home. Then we sang the goodbye song, and I realized it was really goodbye for our class as a whole. I loved how you said that about their voices...they are only kinders once. I will miss them too! Thanks for the thoughtful words! Amy

  3. Awww, I cried too but I waited until I was all alone in my classroom. I was reading through all the cards and the book my students' parents put together for me, and I just lost it!
    I am passing along the One Lovely Blog Award to you! Come on over to my blog to pick it up!
    Kindergarten Schmindergarten

  4. Love this post! Thanks for sharing!
    ~ Amy