Monday, June 25, 2012

PJs, Thunderstorms & Freebies

     Ahhh. . . There's nothing like the first Monday morning of summer vacation without the 5am alarm clock ringing. Happy, happy, happy!  It was a very dark, stormy day and I took advantage of it by staying in my jammies all day long.  I even took an afternoon nap snuggled up with my sweet beagle, Sally.  Again, I have to say ahhhh. . .
     I wasn't a complete sloth however, I took some time today to work on some requests I've had to modify some of my past freebies.  So, put on your jammies and grab whatever you think you could use!

     First up are the playdough labels I made for the first day of school last summer. (Here's the original post.) 
     There's apparently been a lot of pinning going on (It makes me a little giddy when I see people pinning my stuff - I'm such a dork!) because the original post had 1084 views yesterday - holy molyI've gotten a bunch of emails and comments requesting labels with grade levels other than kindergarten, so you can find First Grade labels here and Preschool labels here

     Next are last summer's backpack tags that say "Class of 2024 It all starts with Kindergarten..."  My kids LOVED them and they lasted all year because I laminated them.  Eager teachers who are already planning for the fall have been itching for new tags, so you can grab the updated, class of 2025 version here.
      To match the backpack tags, I made labels to put on little bottles of bubbles as an an end of year gift for my class.  I got the three packs of 4oz, bubbles from Dollar Tree and the labels fit perfectly!
     Looking ahead, I thought some people might like them for an Open House favor or first day of school present, so I made these also.

     Well, that's all for tonight. I can't be overly ambitious on Jammies Day, after all.  If you see grab something you think you'll use, I'd love a comment!

Have a Great Night!


  1. These are super cute! I can't wait to use them. thanks!

    The Teacher Tattles

  2. These are such wonderful ideas!! Thanks for sharing!! :) I'm excited about the playdoh labels for 1st grade!! I think I'm going to add these to my Meet the Teacher bags.
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  3. I love the backpack tags! What a cute idea! I'm moving back to kindergarten after a few years in other grades, so I'm definitely going to use these! Thanks!

  4. My teaching partner and I loved the backpack tags last year. Thanks for sharing again!

  5. All of your stuff is so cute-I am wearing out my download. I am your newest follower-I am so glad that I found you!

  6. Just found your blog!! I'm a new follower:)
    I wanted to invite you over to my site! I've got some great resources that I just posted and I know you would love to have them for your little ones....there's going to be a giveaway EVERY Day for the next 5 days!! WooHoo!!

    1...2...3...Teach With Me

  7. These are so cute!!!! I cannot wait to use them!! Thank you for sharing!! I have given your blog two awards! The One Lovely Blog Award and the Versitile Blogger Award. Just come on over to my blog to claim them!! :)

  8. Congrats on 1000+ followers! I love these labels, they are so cute!

    Fun in 1st Grade

  9. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful ideas!

  10. Thank you!!!!! Love it all!!!

  11. You rock. Thank you for the kindness

  12. Thank you for sharing. I really appreciated that you made PreK signs as well. Would you mind sharing PreK signs for the other two labels as well? Hope you are having a great start to the year. Best of luck

  13. I love this. Do you have the same thing for first grade for the bubbles? My e-mail is

  14. I love all of these!! I used them last year and would love to again this year. Have you made an updated 2026 version yet? Would love to have it if you have. Thanks!!

  15. This is so cute!! I was hoping to use this for my Open House giveaway. Do you have a 2026 version yet? Thank you for sharing!!!

    1. Sarah,
      You can find the 2026 version here:

  16. Hi! Would there be any way you could make these and say It all starts with Pre-K?