Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Roller Coaster Named Irene

     Well, it's four days after the storm and Connecticut is slowly getting back to normal.  Many of my co-workers and neighbors are still without power and/or water and the clean-up is taking its toll on everyone's spirits a little.  We've certainly seen worse storms, but this one was just so widespread that its just going to take time to get everything up and running.  That apparently includes the start of school.  Teachers were supposed to return to work this past Monday, and the first day of school was scheduled for tomorrow.  We had a slightly extended summer vacation when they canceled our work day on Monday but we went in yesterday for meetings and today to set up our classrooms. (Don't you love how they think we can really get it all done in one day?)  After a flurry of activity today trying to get everything ready for tomorrow, our principal announced that there were still too many downed power lines and road closures for the children to safely make it to school tomorrow so they have decided to push back the first day to next Wednesday.  Yikes!  I certainly could use some more time to get the room ready, but now we're starting the year with 3 "snow" days under our belts.  What can you do?
     I feel like I'm already joining the party late because so many of you have already posted pictures of your beautiful classrooms and mine is still not finished.  Since you've let me peek into your world, I thought I would post a few pics of what I've done so far so you can take a look at my home away from home.
The door to my classroom.

This is what you see when you first walk in.  Our school was completely remodeled a year and a half ago - how great are the cubbies?

The famous Pinterest clock wall with foam clocks from Target.  I LOVE this idea.  What a great visual way to remind the kids when things are going to happen while also supporting their emerging time-telling skills.

The front of my classroom with my BFF the Smartboard.  How did I ever teach without one?

My reading corner.  I still need to add some pillows (and perhaps a couple of Pina Coladas...)

 My new Word Wall inspired by all of the great circle graphics Kristen uses at Ladybug's Teacher Files.

My favorite summer "makeover" project - my guided reading table.  My sister helped make the table skirt (and when I say helped I really mean came to my house and sewed it while I held the fabric) and I got the ottomans on sale at Target.  I'm very into teal and lime right now so I'm lovin' it!

I'll post some more pics when I'm finished.  I hope your school year is off to a less bumpy start than mine.  Have a great night!


  1. Love your blog! I'm awarding you one of Tamara's "Top Ten Teaching Blog" awards:) Go here to get your award button:)
    Visit my blog to see the post:)
    Little Warriors

  2. I love your clas sign....what did you make that in? I would LOOOOVE to make one! Can you give me a little more detail on a SIMPLE way to make it!

  3. Your pictures look great! I love the Kindergarten Circle you have on your door. Your Target chairs were a great idea too!

  4. Sending good thoughts to you! I know all to well all the damage in CT, as my entire family lives there. Stay safe!! We Connecticuters (I totally just made up a word ;-) ) are tough!!

    Connecticuter miss placed in Virginia

  5. I love your table skirt! Great way to jazz it up! How did you attach it to the table?

  6. How did you make your class sign? It is AWESOME!! Your blog is great!!!

  7. Like others, I'd love to know how you made the class sign! :)

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