Sunday, December 1, 2013

Shopping in My Long-Johns

Even though I have been known to partake in the past, I made an effort to stay away from the Black Friday craziness this weekend. It was just too cold to go out at 5 am to get a good deal. I'm holding out for Cyber Monday instead.  I plan to come right home from school tomorrow, build a fire in the fireplace, fire up my laptop and do my Christmas Shopping online. My family has become very skilled at adding to their Amazon wishlists throughout the year, so I have a great place to start. My challenge is going to be to not play the "one present for them, one for me" game which I love to play.

I'm sure you've heard about the big Teachers Pays Teachers Cyber-Monday sale. It's definitely on my "shop in my long-johns" list of places to visit tomorrow. I spent a couple of hours filling up my wish list today so I can just check out and stock up for the winter. (I sound like a squirrel - LOL!) I'm also offering an additional 20% off all the items in my store for the next two days, so you can get a total of 28% off by using the code "CYBER."

I have a few new items listed for you to take a peek at. (As usual, I'll send the first three comments their choice of the goodies below . . .)

My favorite is the Holiday Pattern Block Cards I made for my Math Stations. My kids LOVE to make pictures with pattern blocks and I came up with a set of Christmas and Hanukkah cards that I think they're really going to love. Click on the picture to get a better look.

Keeping the kids engaged during December is always tricky because they're so excited for the holidays. You know what they say - if you can't beat them, join them!  With this in mind, I made a set of holiday themed math sheets to reinforce counting, addition, graphing and using ten frames.

The last new item is based on my favorite Christmas carol, The 12 Days of Christmas. This cute booklet will give the kids practice writing numbers and number words, using ten frames and representing quantities up to 12.  I also made an alternative version, The 12 Days of Friendship for the kids in my class who don't celebrate Christmas.

I wish you happy cyber-shopping tomorrow. I hope you get tons of good deals and find presents for both yourself and your loved ones!


  1. Hi, I've already got these in my wish list. My favorite is the pattern block activity. My K's are just getting into them.

  2. You're all set and ready for the Winter season, that's great!!! :) My favorite is The 12 Days of Christmas. My kiddos will enjoy these. Thanks so much and take care. Happy shopping!!!

  3. My favorite is the Holiday Pattern Block Cards, which will be perfect for my Math Stations. They love using the pattern block to create various objects. Thanks.

    1. Hi Donna, All the best for 2014!!! Did you send an email with this resource for me? I have not received any file to this date. Looking forward to your email, thanks and take care.


  4. You've been busy! Love the pattern block creative! :) Hope your shopping was productive for all!


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