Monday, September 2, 2013

The Kindergarten Trifecta

   Tears, Tantrums and Tinkle. They're what my friend Cindy calls the "Kindergarten Trifecta" and it's hard to have a first week without them. We just finished our first week and I had my fair share of all three! It's funny how much you block out from year to year, how much you don't remember. How exhausting the first day is, how much teaching and reteaching we need for routines and expectations, how hard it is to get the kids to "Not talk on top of my words . . . Please!"
   But let's not forget all the exciting, happy things that come rushing back, too. The smell of new pencils, a fresh, empty lesson plan book just waiting to be filled, labeling everything in the classroom (alphabetically and in color order of course), the joy of eager kindergartners and the trust of wistful parents handing their little ones over to you on the first day.  My friend Sandra summed it up perfectly after dismissal on the first day as she revised the song, "There's Nothing Like A Dame" and sang out in a Broadway-worthy voice, "There's Nothing Like the First Day in Kindergarten." So very true Ms, M! But I wouldn't trade it for the world. Even with the Trifecta.
     I know a lot of you are starting school tomorrow and are gearing up for your first week. Here's a little freebie that will hopefully make things a little easier. It's so nice to send home a little newsletter after the first week to let the parents know what you've been up to, but by the time you get to Friday you're bound to be exhausted. Here's a cute, little newsletter that you can use to share the basics of your week. (Why reinvent the wheel, right?)
     I hope you all have (or have had) a great first week.  I wish you very few tears, tantrums or tinkle. (Especially any of the three coming from you, 'cause that happens during the first week sometimes, too!)

First Week Newsletter Freebie from Peace, Love & Learning


  1. Thanks for sharing! It is short, sweet, and really cute! Just perfect for a busy K teacher at the beginning of the year! Amber ~ Kindergarten Rocks Blog

  2. I love it! Thank you for sharing! My first week back starts tomorrow. :)

  3. thanks. i began on the 13th, but still see some of the tears and tantrums. a few have come close to the tinkle (playing in the bathroom, instead of "going")

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  5. This is a super cute idea! Would you consider making a Spanish version or sending me an editable copy so I can translate it for my Spanish-speaking families? Thanks!

  6. This is a super cute idea! Would you consider making a Spanish version or sending me an editable copy so I can translate it for my Spanish-speaking families? Thanks!

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