Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Pinterest-ing Request

Just a quickie to let you know about an update.  Now that it's Back to School time, some things that I posted last year are making their rounds on Pinterest.  I've had a bunch of requests for the First Day of School magnets that I posted last year for grades other than just kindergarten. I've updated the file to include preschool, kindergarten, and first grade versions, as well as a "good for any grade" version.  Just have the kids decorate the magnets and cut them out, add a drawing in the little paper, then attach a magnet-backed clothespin to the back.  Voila!  A magnetic clip to hang on the fridge to display their best work.  You can grab a copy down below the picture.  (For some reason, when you preview the file in Google Docs, it looks like there's a wonky gray shadow around the paper, but don't worry, it's not really there when you download it.)  Have a great night!


  1. Thanks for including preschool! I am going to make sure to do this with my students!


  2. OMG Donna! I just found your blog and it has now become my favorite! You have so many great ideas! I just can't stop reading. :0) Thank you for sharing all of the freebies. You are very sweet! I hope you have a great school year.