Sunday, April 1, 2012

Here a Chicka, There a Chick

     Just four more days of school until Spring Break -woohoo!  I have some big plans involving my new jammies, my Kindle and my screen porch.  Ahhh...  To get through the week with a bunch of spring fver afflicted kindergartners, I plan to keep things pretty much business as usual, with a little extra sprinkling of glitter, glue and giggles. Boy, that sounds a little Mary Poppins-ish, doesn't it?
     If you read my last post, you'll know that while we don't teach or celebrate Easter at my school, I have a weakness for the all of the bunny and chick cuteness floating around.  I have another chick station I thought I would share with you, just don't say the "E" word...
     My kids love the "Bump" games that seem to be popular these days and a variety of cute themed games that I've found an various blogs are a big hit in our Addition Math Station.  To add a little twist, I picked up a few 97 cent chick shaped egg trays at Walmart and used them to make a Chick Bump game.  I wrote the numbers in the egg cups, and because they're written on the edge, they'll be easy to read when the game markers are in the cups. (I'm actually contemplating letting the kids use jelly beans as little eggs to play with - is that insane??)  I made a matching recording sheet to go with it, and the kids have to write down the numbers on the two dice they rolled to make up the number.
     If you'd like to try it with your kids, click below the picture to download a copy.  I also included a paper version of the game that you can use if you don't have the chick trays.  Happy bumping!


  1. SUCH a cute idea!! I teach at a church Preschool, so we ARE allowed to teach Easter...but this is such a great way to keep them thinking. I'm thinking I may just use the paper version as a work mat for my prek kiddos to practice their numbers. (I have some jelly beans left over from our estimation unit last week, and they could use the circles as a counting math mat). Thanks for the download!

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