Sunday, March 18, 2012

Is Spring Really Here?

     I'm not sure how it's been in your neck of the woods, but here in Connecticut, we've been enjoying unseasonably warm weather for the past few weeks.  65 degree days have been the norm, not the exception, and we've going out to recess with no coats on.  In March!!  After only two plowable snowfalls (one on Halloween) and no snow days, we're all wondering, "Is spring really here?"  Freak snowstorms have been known to hit in late March and early April, but I think I am optimistically going to put away my boots and mittens and get out the flip-flops.  There are buds on my trees, birds chirping in the morning, it's still light out when I get home from school and there's the most random little bunch of purple flowers popping up in the middle of my front yard.  Ah... spring...

     I hope everyone had a great St. Patrick's Day yesterday.  Being a good irish lass myself, it is by far my favorite spring holiday.  My sweet beagle, Sally, might not agree based on the picture below, but I thought she should sport a little green, too.  (I tell myself it's OK to put silly little costumes on her because she's blind and she can't see the other dogs laughing at her, but, come on, how cute is she?)
     With spring in mind, I've been shifting away from snowmen and igloos to bunnies and flowers.  I've been working on some new math and literacy stations and some new emergent readers.  Here's a cute little graphing and adding math station using Jet-Puffed BunnyMallows.  Just pick up a bag of the cute little guys and you're good to go!

Have a great week!


  1. Thanks for sharing the bunny graphing! We were at 80 degrees all last week in AZ, but now that we have Spring Break, it snowed! Hopefully it will warm back up soon!

    Mrs Johnson’s First Grade

  2. SO cute!! Thank you =). And I am loving this weather and your dog's outfit! Adorable!!

  3. Thanks for the cute graph! I saw these at WalMart and wanted to get them but didn't have any use for them! Now I do! Thanks!

  4. Your dog is adorable! Thanks for sharing the graph, I love these marshmallows! I just entered the giveaway, I am sure hoping I win!!
    The Picture Book Teacher's Edition