Saturday, December 10, 2011

Some Cheesy Math Stations

     Well, that should pretty much do it.  I have guaranteed that my sister will never go to Target with me again. Ever.  Now keep in mind that this is the same sister that embarrassingly witnessed the theatrics in Target when I spotted the Halloween Boo-Mallows that would perfect for sorting and graphing.  "It's a kindergarten teacher thing."  I explained to her then, after my squealing had subsided.  She wasn't amused then, nor was she yesterday when we were in the same Target and I found Kraft's new "Tis the Chees'n" winter shaped pasta.  As I chuckled at the name and excitedly cleared the shelf not only for my own class but also for the other 3 kindergarten classes (I might have been dancing a little, too) she just ducked her head and mumbled, "A kindergarten teacher thing?"  I mean, come on - little snowmen, snowflakes, boots and candy canes.  How could I not flail around a little??  She rushed to the stationery department to put a little distance between herself and the "crazy kindergarten teacher" while I was already planning the math stations I could come up with.  So, I came home, scanned the pasta shapes and made a Graphing station, an Addition station, a Patterning station and a Spin & Count station.  If you are a fellow "dancing in the aisles of Target" teacher and would like to have some cheesy math fun, you can download the stations below the picture.  Have a "cheesy" evening!


  1. How fun! I'm lucky and my sister helps me out with my kindergarten teacher cheesiesness!

  2. This packet is adorable! Thank you so much for sharing this gem! :o)

  3. These are great!!! Thanks so much for sharing. My husband and children are usually the ones that are slinking away from me when I get excited about "kindergarten teacher" things!!