Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy, Happy, Spring!

     The snow has finally all melted, the birds are chirping and the little purple flowers in my yard are poking their heads out of the ground.  Boy am I glad that spring is here!  You may have noticed that my little ol' blog has been quiet for awhile.  It's been a tough couple of months for me dealing with a  health scare that came out of nowhere, knocked me down for weeks and left me more than a little shaken up.  The good news is, I'm back on my feet, back at school and back to blogging.  There is potentially a Round 2 to face in a few weeks, but we'll deal with that if/when we have to.
     So, this is a just quick post because it's so late, but I wanted to get my April calendar cards to you in time for tomorrow.  You can click below the pic to download.  (I'll post the months we missed while I was MIA later so you can tuck them away for next year.)
   I hope all has been well with all of you - I'm glad to be back!