Saturday, January 12, 2013

Magical Product Swap

It's that time again! I love being a part of the Magical Product Swap! Not only do you get to meet some new bloggy friends, but you also get to review some great products.  This time around I was paired with Jennifer from Simply Kinder and Mary from Sharing Kindergarten in our own little "Ring-around-the-Rosie" three way swap.

I was thrilled when Mary sent me her Little Detectives Top Secret Number Files packet.  We have a Detective Station as one of our literacy stations and my kids are obsessed with it, so I think they're going to LOVE this one.

Mary has created the cutest way for the kids to to work on building, creating, and gaining number sense while learning their numbers. As Mary explains, the number itself doesn’t mean anything to a child unless they can use and utilize it properly. Boy, does this packet cover all of the above.  Using detective files like the one below, the kids are encouraged to show their number in a variety of ways. 

By using tally marks, tens frames, place value and 1 to 1 correspondence, there are a variety of ways to reinforce the concept of number sense.  By laminating and using with dry-erase markers, these could be used over and over again in a center. I plan on using some paper copies for morning work or homework.

To round out the packet, Mary includes a fun card game that is played like the classic game, Bang!  The students turn over a number and if they can read it, they keep it. If they get a hiding detective card they have give all of their cards back - bummer! When someone draws the "Solved" card, the game is over. Sounds like a great game to add to my numeracy station!

If you think your little detectives would like to "work the case" you can check out Mary's packet here.

Have a great night!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Sandy Hook Update and Some New Year Goodies

Happy New Year, everyone! As I get myself ready to go back to school in the morning, I'm finding myself much more at peace than when we left school for the Winter Break. Spending time with my family, reflecting on the year gone by and making plans for 2013 have all really helped to refuel and re-energize me.

First, I want to take a minute to thank everyone who has gotten involved with our project to help the Sandy Hook teachers (see original post here). The response has been amazing - so much more than Karen and I imagined when we got started. Through the "Give Me 5" part of the project, we've had over 100 teachers sign up to adopt a Sandy Hook teacher and send them 5 items from their TPT stores. (Because we don't to to overwhelm the Sandy Hook teachers with too many choices right now, we've capped the project at 100.)  Through the "Honoring Angels" part of the project, we've received over 20 TPT gift certificates for the Sandy Hook PTO to distribute as well. If you'd like to donate, please see the original post for details. Being a part of a community that is so supportive and generous is truly inspiring and Karen and I are incredibly grateful for all of your contributions. You guys rock!

Now for some goodies that might help you ease back to school tomorrow. Here's a new set of calendar cards for January. We're launching our non-fiction reading and writing units this month, so I went with some cute little baby arctic animals, and the cards make an AABB pattern.

Download the Calendar Cards freebie here

If you're looking for a cute yet meaningful activity to do with your kids this week, take a peek at this craftivity I'm going to do tomorrow.  Baby New Year's hat opens up for the kids to write their resolutions inside; "In the new year, I will..." I think it will be good a introduction to the concept of resolutions and make a cute bulletin board to boot!

Check out this cute little guy here

I hope your new year is off to a great start!!